MassArt students are now able to do a minor in Sustainability and the Environment through the Colleges of the Fenway:

This is a great opportunity for students with an interest in sustainability to expand their knowledge and skills in an interdisciplinary program as well as to meet and network with students and faculty from the Colleges of the Fenway.

A key requirement for the minor is the course, Environmental Forum, offered every spring through the Colleges of the Fenway (in S17 it is scheduled for Thursday evening, 5:30-7:30 PM). The topic of the Environmental Forum course changes every year, and you will need to take it twice to earn the minor. You will also take four courses, in two of these three categories: Science and Technology; Social Equity; Policy and Economics. All of the courses you take for the Minor in Sustainability and the Environment can be applied to your MassArt distribution requirements: you will have an advisor who will help you figure out your program.  We have quite a number of studio and liberal arts courses that will count for the major here at Massart.

We already have thirteen MassArt students (first years through juniors) from different departments who planning to take the COF Environmental Forum class in the spring.  We plan to meet with students who are taking the Minor a couple of times each semester for advising and to create a cohort of students interested in sustainability here at MassArt.

Find out about courses from Massart and COF here.

Meet with Sustainability Fellows Jane D. Marsching or Joanne Lukitsh to learn more about the Sustainability Minor. /