Project 10: Edge Effect Wall

Name: Anna Stabler
Department: SIM, 2015
Title: Edge-Effect Wall

Edge-effect is a permaculture term used to describe how an object can yield more than two purposes.

For the spring semester of 2014 I was one of the students to receive the Sustainability Initiative Grant to pursue my proposed project.Throughout the semester I will be continuously adding and harvesting the herbs and vegetables to produce products for the MassArt community. Some of the products include tea for the flu season, tinctures for spring allergies and herbs for some liver detoxing. In addition to the living elements of the wall the divided sections of its Fibonacci sequence will incorporate art installations and interactive pieces. This living wall will provide new platforms for showcasing artworks, locally grown medicinal goods, a public display of MassArt’s sustainability initiatives and an oasis of green before during the greyest of months.

Anna Stabler