Project 11: Edible Landscape

Department: Sustainable Student Project Group
Title: Edible Landscape Permaculture Garden
Date: 2013-2014

The permaculture project began in the spring of 2013 titled the Edible Fruiting Landscape project. It was created by Samuel Robertson through the Sustainable Student Project club. The club was able to receive funding from the school and it is a continuous project. There is almost always work to be done!

Currently we have:

-Reorganized stones on the site to help create a longer life to the wooden terraces that gradually step back for three stories.
-Added two organic apple trees, two organic cherry trees, three organic peach trees, patches of species of blueberry bushes, raspberry bushes, edible plant ‘guilds’, twelve grape vines to climb on fences and trees and trellises, herbs, bulbs, and we have 3,000 organic seeds to start planting Spring 2014!
-Build wooden trellises on concrete footings that help make vine-type edible plants more accessible and space efficient.
-Use special techniques of covering ground with clover and flax flowers to prevent weeds and fix more nitrogen into soil.
-Build winter beds that makes sprouting season a month sooner, and harvesting season a month later!

The eventual end result is a do-nothing garden. The garden has very little maintenance to do once plants that seeds themselves are established in the amended soil. Grape vines, blue berry’s, raspberry’s, pumpkins, amaranth, watermelon, beans, herbs, hardy greens, squash, burdock, and many other organic edible plants continue to thrive and create an old growth forest ‘guild’ network with each other year after year without need for fertilizer or pesticide.