Project 4: How We Waste

Name: Freshman Project
Department: Studio Foundation
Title: How We Waste
Date: Fall 2014

What materials do artists use? What is the story of the stuff of an art student’s practice?

What stuff can you find in an art/design classroom? In this time when our understanding of the grave impact of climate change on all aspects of our planet, we look to artists and designers to help us not only understand and care about the world we live in, but also how to live in it better. Freshmen students at Massart care and these artworks share the urgent sense that we need to think more carefully about the stuff we buy, use, and throw away every day.

This project is a compilation of artwork, descriptions, and information from a Studio Foundation Department, Visual Language class at Massachusetts College of Art and Design.Though these projects, students explored their persona l use of an object and made artwork to demonstrate the use of these objects in relation to the materials economy process. Art making uses a variety of products and materials, many of which are bought brand new.The overall concept ofthis artwork is to inform students and faculty of background narrative of the objects and materials used daily in art foundation. Our increasing use of materials and consumption within the department can be changed. Our objective is to inform so we can transform this system into something new, a system that doesn’t waste resources.

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