Title: Pedal Powered Paper Bowl Project

Lee MacDonald (Studio Manager) and Andrée LeDuc (Alumnae)

Date: Spring 2015

At the COF Earth Day celebration in the Simmons Courtyard in April 2015, Lee MacDonald and Andrée Leduc led a paper bowl making using recycled paper pulp,made by bicycle powered beaters powered by visitors. Participants learned to make paper bowls in the same way egg cartons are made.  The bicycle powered beater, design by Lee MacDonald, was originally built for the Combat Paper and Peace Paper  groups Participants from the Colleges of the Fenway got on the bicycle  and powered the beater for 5 minutes at full speed.  They dipped the bowl mold in pulp made from recycled paper, and each person took home their own paper bowls.

Making paper in Ghana

Combat Paper

Peace Paper