Project 3: Pollenators

Name: Emelie Bergh
Department: Fashion, 2015
Title: Pollenators
Date: 2014

This collection was focused on exploring and protecting pollinators and pollinator plants. Pollinators like bees need our protection but the general public doesn’t know the cause of their distress or how to help. GMO’s, BT toxins, pesticides, insecticides, and disease affect the bees, birds, and butterflies. We can’t afford to live without the pollinators, but they are fighting for their life against something much bigger and widespread than they are. Through my work I can help educate about the pollinators and how the choices we make in the design field will affect the future of these tiny creatures and how we can heal current populations. I specifically chose to focus the garments on plants that have qualities that are very useful to humans as well as pollinators and are healing in different ways. Each garment has elements of sustainable design including organic and ethical fabrics, natural dyes, upcycling, zero waste, and sustainable fabric printing.