Project 1: Victory Garden Green House

Name: Samuel Robertson
Department: Architecture BFA14
Title: Victory Garden Green House, Mission Hill, Boston
Date: 2013-ongoing

This earthshelter style greenhouse is also called a New England style greenhouse. Novel techniques were discovered and researched as systems to enable the greenhouse to work in the cold, dry, windy Boston winter.

The greenhouse is furnished with edible walls throughout the interior. Lichen is collecting data on amount of gallons of water used to make lbs of certain types of produce. The hypothesis is that the greenhouse will greatly save on water used per lb of produce for the reason of humidity, space efficiency, and the natural of evaporation and hydroponics in the green wall design. Plants will grow faster and more effortlessly year round with proper soil in addition to hydroponics.

Lichen co. researches and develops prototype technology, discovering new systems of infrastructure for water, agriculture, architecture, and energy.


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