We are just getting this minor off and running right now.  There are 13 minors so far (as of October 31). So, we’re figuring out how to make it easily registerable and advisable…
You can find more info about the minor here on our MassArt Sustainability Page
And on the COF page here
Basically you need to take 6 courses during your time at MassArt and you can double dip, which means that a course that counts as a major or elective credit for your major can also count as a credit for the minor.
Joanne Lukitsh and I are the ones to look back through your transcript with you to see which courses you have already taken can apply.  You need to make a meeting with one of us to do that.
The info on the COF Environmental Forum for this spring 2016 is here.  You need to take that course twice and its is only offered in the spring.  Basically its a 3 credit course where 2 credits are with the MCPHS professor and the third is a community service credit through me/Joanne at MassArt.
When you search sustainability content on Davinci, in the course content field you can find some but not all of the courses that can apply for the minor this spring.  We are working to make the Davinci tagging system complete.
So, lets meet to look at your program transcript and make it all work!  Email  jmarsching@massart.edu or jlukitsh@massart.edu