Climate Action Plan

A Vision
for Action
at MassArt

The MassArt Climate Action Plan was authored by Sustainability faculty, staff, and students in 2019/20.  The Sustainability Initiative is working on implementing the key action items by 2030 with the goal of 50% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030 and 100% by 2050.  The CAP also forefronts pedagogy that equips students to imagine and design solutions for the 21st century, and to be voices for positive change and resilience in a challenging world.

Some top action items by 2030:

• Conduct a life-cycle analysis of all the main studio processes at the college; provide data to students
• Make MassArt home to a sustainable materials library and lab available to the public for research

• Reimagine our physical campus as an ecosystem, in collaboration with faculty and studio managers
• Fund robust research efforts by faculty and staff to learn best practices and apply latest technologies 

• Implement our $13 million Accelerated Energy Project (AEP), leading to significant emissions reductions
• Enter into a Community Solar and / or Wind Power Purchase Agreement