Total Credits: 17-18

Complete your requirements in studio, liberal arts, and art history electives while you focus on sustainability education and practice by completing 18 credits of classes in any department, generally six 3-credit courses.
(Note: The courses you take for the Minor in Sustainability also fulfill the requirements for your LA/HART courses and studio electives.

  • Required:

Environmental Forum offered through COF. 2 credits plus 1 credit of community service/internship

  • Two or Three courses in Liberal Arts or History of Art , such as:
      • Sustainability Science (LAMS)
      • Eating and the Environment (LASS)
      • Man vs. Wild, (LALS)
    • Villas and Gardens (HART)
  • Two studio courses, such as: 
      • TIME: Art and Ecology (SFDN)
      • TIME: Accumulate (SFDN)
      • Objects that Change Lives (CRMX)
        Sustainable Fashion (FASH)
      • Sustainable Architecture (ARCH)
    • Lyric Arts of the Sea (PHOTO)

One of the following courses focused on sustainability practice for artists/designers

    • Topics in Sustainability (HART)
  • Sustainable Projects (SUST) 

Other possibilities for credit towards the Minor:

  • Internships in your field with a sustainability practitioner
  • Travel courses, such as: India Now: Exploring Sustainable Crafts
  • Directed Study with a MassArt faculty member
  • COF courses at Simmons, Emmanuel, Wentworth, Mass College of Pharmacy

Massart courses are tagged in Davinci with a content tag: Sustainability Content.
If you are find or are taking a course that you think has significant sustainability content and is not tagged in Davinci with the Sustainability Content tag, please notify the Minor Directors.

You need to register for the minor.  There is no deadline for registration.
You can get the form Declaration of Minor here or at the Registrars office.  You need a signature from one of the Minor Directors.

Program Evaluation:
Once you register, the Minor will appear at the end of your Program Evaluation on Davinci.  There you can see how many courses you need to take and which you have taken.

Prior years:
If you have taken course in prior years at MassArt that you want to apply to the minor credit requirements, you can do that in consultation with the Minor Directors or Jesseca Petriello in ARC (

You can find more info on the COF page here

Minor Directors:
Jane D. Marsching
Joanne Lukitsh

COF Classes in Sustainability 

COF Environmental Forum course spring 2018

MassArt courses