Jane D. Marsching

Sustainability Fellow, 2013-present
Director, Sustainability Minor
Professor, Studio Foundation

Interdisciplinary artist Jane D. Marsching explores our past, present and future human impact on the environment through collaborative research-based practices. Projects have been sited in museums and galleries as well as weather observatories, city streets, radio waves, and the internet. She has worked with scientists, educators, kite builders, meteorologists, architects, and musicians, among others. She and Andi Sutton work together as the collective Plotform on projects that activate engagement in our local communities around climate activism, citizen science, and water ecologies.


Stephanie Cardon

Sustainability Fellow, 2019-present
Assistant Professor, Studio Foundation

Stephanie Cardon is an artist from France and the United States whose work combines and contrasts materials and colors that commonly belong to the realm of construction and infrastructure. Her most recent pieces exist as exercises in building power and resilience through the repetition of fundamentally practical and humble gestures such as sewing, pouring concrete, or crocheting nets. Through the repetition of line, volume, shape and action, these pieces speak to the acquisition of techniques and skills. In their color, scale, and use of multiplication they become efforts in loudness and amplification. Currently, her work is preoccupied with the emotional and social impact of ecological loss and climate change.


Runming Dai

Sustainable MassArt Designer, Fall 2020

Runming Dai is a Communication Design student with a minor in Sustainability. She enjoys problem-solving, researching, and creating delightful experiences that truly meet the needs of people.


Joanne Lukitsh

Sustainability Fellow, 2014-2019
Professor, History of Art

Joanne Lukitsh teaches courses on modern art and the history of photography. She wants MassArt students to learn about the issues of the climate crisis and she brings her interdisciplinary interests in history, science, and theory to her Fall semester course, HART 314: Climate Change in Contemporary Art. In collaboration with Jane Marsching (Studio Foundation) she has been a Sustainability Faculty Fellow and advocate for the Colleges of the Fenway Minor in Sustainability and the Environment.


Salman Faradi

Sustainability Research Assistant, Fall 2020

Salman Farhadi is an international graduate student at MassArt in Film/Video. He has a background in photography and is invested in new media and interactive arts since coming to MassArt. He has recently created VR and AR projects dealing with socio-political issues of his home country, Iran. He uses metaphors and cultural symbols with multiple meanings in his works borrowed from an ancient but underrepresented part of the world with hope of bringing people closer to each other.


Sustainability Initiative Committee:

A standing committee of faculty, staff, and students, we meet regularly on Wednesdays between 1:30 and 3 PM. Email for details. We invite you to attend and learn about our activities.

Faculty Fellows 2020/21:
Jane D. Marsching, Studio Foundation faculty
Stephanie Cardon, Studio Foundation faculty

Committee Members 2020/21:
Emily Cobb, Jewelry faculty
George Felts, Plumber and Steamfitter, facilities
Darlene Gillan, Alumni Relations staff
Joanne Lukitsh, History of Art faculty
Yvette Perullo, Communication Design faculty
Amanda Rodriguez-Tabares, Student Representative
Tamara Roy, Architecture faculty
Nadia Savage, Graduate Office staff
Luanne Witkowski, Studio Manager–Design, staff