The COVID-19 pandemic has shed a powerful light on the vulnerabilities in our social and ecological systems. Spring 2021 may look a little different from usual at MassArt, but we will focus even more deeply on justice and equity in sustainable art and design practice.  We welcome your participation.  Lets work together to create a just and healthy future for all.

COF Minor in Sustainability

Through your course work in the COF Sustainability Minor you will be guided to develop fundamental interdisciplinary and collaborative skills necessary to address complex sustainability issues. The coursework in your major will be informed and enhanced by your study of Sustainability.

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Lecture Series

This semester you will see a series of lectures, consisting of contemporary experiments in art, design, and research that deal with the conditions of social and cultural experience caused by climate change.

  • Steve Lambert
  • Dylan Gauthier
  • Cannupa Hanska Luger
  • Yvette Perullo
  • Susie Ganch

Thursday, February 11, 9-10am


Wednesday, February 17, 11am-12pm


Tuesday, March 2, 5-6pm

Thursday, March ?

Friday, April 2, 12pm

        Showcase some of our students’ work.

Selected Sustainability
Courses Spring 2021

Special Topics in Fiber: Making Sense

Judith Leemann
remote, asynchronous

3DTD208 / 3DCR208
Objects That Change Lives

Janna Longacre 
Mondays 1:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Environmental Forum

Cynthia Williams (Wentworth)
Tuesdays 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Get Involved:
From the BOG

Environmental Forum course Spring 2021

Environmental ForumWentworthTuesday 6:30-8:30pmProfessor Cynthia Williams (williamsc6@wit.edu) From the WIT course catalogue:  This course offers an exploration of contemporary issues in sustainability and ...

Sustainability Minor Advising Sessions 11/2 & 11/10

COF Minor in SustainabilityAdvising Sessionsby zoomwith Director Jane D. MarschingMonday 11/2 3:30-4:30Join Zoom Meeting https://massart.zoom.us/j/88331014977?pwd=MFJZbXNPcnMxdnp6bHQ4YWRJV0psUT09 Tuesday 11/10 11:30-12:30Join Zoom Meeting https://massart.zoom.us/j/97472564496?pwd=REZTbTBva1JDV3FDZjdaaSt6L1d2QT09

11/17 Beatrice Glow artist talk

Beatrice Glow artist talk#6 in the Climate Change and Contemporary Art Lecture Series Thursday November 1711:45-12:45 In service of public history and ...

Get Advised

To find out more about the Sustainability Initiative contact Jane D. Marsching, Sustainability Fellow and Director of the Sustainability Minor. Email: jmarsching@massart.edu 


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