Art of Life in the Anthropocene reading

This is a really interesting read for those of you who are trying, with me, to figure out what it means to make work in this moment of ecological uncertainty…

The Art of Life in the Anthropocene
by David Bellio

Flower creation, maggot painting, microbe literature, and bio art.

April 13th, 2013, Los Angeles Review of Books

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At the exact same time, we stand at the beginning of the sixth mass extinction in Earth’s 4.5 billion years of existence — and this spasm of death is all our fault. We have co-opted too much of the Earth’s supply of energy, too much of the planet’s surface and deep waters, with too many of our fellow living things impressed into our service or simply killed off by a lack of sufficient room to live. Life itself is re-shaped in the service of our art, which means art has never had more at stake.

image by Julia Lohmann