COF Environmental Forum Course Spring 2018

ENVI201: “Environmental Forum” Spring 2018

Topic: Environmental Justice

Meets on Tuesdays from 6:40pm – 8:30 pm at Simmons College

Cross-registration is NOT REQUIRED for this course.
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Environmental Forum is a two-credit course offered to students in the Colleges of the Fenway. Weekly lectures about contemporary sustainability and justice issues, given by local, regional, and national experts, will inform and offer students the opportunity to engage on a range of topics related to sustainability and the environment. The course includes a Service Learning component in the field of Environmental Justice.


Students will investigate the following questions and more:


  • How are low-income and minority populations targeted for polluting industry?
  • How does climate change influence our national security?
  • How does the use of toxic substances in health and beauty products affect our health and wellness?
  • How can climate and justice movements work together for a common goal of climate justice?


One theme of this course is to demonstrate that environmental justice problems are being addressed at the local level, in a variety of ways, here in Boston. In offering this course, COF hopes to attract a diverse makeup of students in varying programs from the COF community.
For more information about this course:

Anna Aguilera
Director, COF Center for Sustainability and The Environment