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Sustainability = People, Planet, Economies.

Some of our programs:


Second Nature, a national nonprofit that works to create a healthy, just, and sustainable society by transforming higher education, announced MassArt as a finalist for the 2014 Climate Leadership Awards.
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Single stream recycling has allowed for MassArt to move past separating our recyclables and streamline the collection and disposal operation. Single stream recycling allows for all recyclable materials, such as paper fibers, plastics, and metals, to be deposited into one collection bin. This change will make recycling easier and will allow for an increase in collection. The compost program was introduced to the cafeteria’s kitchen in March 2012. Since its conception, it has diverted 72 tons of organic waste from reaching the landfill. Beginning September 2014, the cafeteria waste collection program will be changed to include compost and single stream recycling further increasing our waste diversion. It is expected to save over 10 tons of compost a month from the trash when school is in session. The single stream recycling program, brought online in June 2012, has been proven to increase the college’s total recycling rate which is now 25%. The graph below shows our recycling diversion from 2005 to present day.


Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 8.42.11 PM


Mass Art recently signed two Net Excess Generation Sales Agreements or what is more commonly known as “net-metering” contracts. Net metering is a policy designed to foster private/public invest- ment in renewable energy. Through these agreements, MassArt is supporting the development of solar power as well as taking advantage of savings opportunities on electricity supply that net-metering projects provide. One contract was signed with Reservoir Woods Solar, LLC and the projected savings beginning January 2015 will be $60,000 annually. The second contract was signed with SolarCity Corp and is still in development. This solar capacity is off site and was made possible with assistance from the Department of Energy Resources, UMass Boston, and Competitive Energy.


MassArt is a steering committee member of the Accelerated Energy Program (AEP) that is being sponsored by the Department of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM). As a member of this committee, we help guide a program that is designed to install or initiate energy savings programs in 700 sites in a time- frame of 700 days. MassArt is one of the target sites and we are currently working with the energy team to identify projects on our campus.


Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 8.36.15 PM

All major new projects at MassArt participate in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system administered by the US Green Building Council. The LEED system rates projects with a certified, silver, gold and platinum designation according to their environmental sustainability features, and performance Projects in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are required to meet a standard known as MassLEEDplus, which approximates the LEED Silver designation and includes the following prerequisites: energy performance exceeding MA Energy Code requirements by at least 20%, third party building commissioning, reduction in potable water consumption for irrigation by 50%, and incorporation of strategies that will conserve 20% of building water use. Both the recent Kennedy Campus Center and The Tree House residence hall project have exceeded the MA standard, and have the additional features listed below:

Kennedy Campus Center (Gold)
+ Proximity to alternative and public trans- portation
+ Optimized energy performance
+ Use of rapidly renewable materials
+ Recycling Program

The Tree House (Gold pending)
+ Use of a ‘brownfield” site
+ Storm water retention system
+ Environmentally friendly and recycled materials
+ Advanced energy management system
+ 75% of construction waste stream recycled


MassArt Facilities has installed 4 new Elkay EZ-H20 Bottle fill stations. They are located in the Tower 2nd floor outside Public Safety and Tower 11th floor outside of the bathrooms. There is one located in Kennedy 2nd floor outside of the Student Gallery, on the 9th floor of Tower by the bathroom, and the newest one is located on the 2nd floor of Collins past the fire doors near the elevator. This station provides chilled and filtered water for drinking without pressing a button. Just simply place your bottle in the white outlined area and the water will start to flow until the bottle is removed. Every time the fill station is used it counts how many single-use plastic bottles are diverted from the waste stream. This program has been so successful that the Facilities Department plans on expanding throughout the campus. Have an idea on where you would like to see the next one installed? E-mail us at recycle@MassArt.edu.