Pipeline Resistance

Pipeline Resistance Talk with Mothers Out Front and Nathan Phillips

Art + Activism + Science

Wed 2/14, 10:30-11:30am

DMC 110

Pipeline Resistance is a civic engagement pilot project connecting MassArt first year students with a Boston-based activist group, Mothers Out Front, and an area ecologist, Nathan Phillips, BU Department of Earth and the Environment. Together they will investigate the problems of natural gas pipelines in an urban context, particularly focusing on the many gas leaks in our aging infrastructure. Based on Nathan Phillips data from a methane sensor driven through every street in Boston, which mapped all the leaks in the city, students will observe, record, and create portraits of leak sites in Boston. Mothers Out Front has been working with the Natural Gas companies and local governance to stop new pipeline permits and drive gas companies to repair the old pipes.

Organized by Jane D. Marsching as part of TIME: Art & Ecology, SFDN191