10/29 Textile Waste 101 with FABSCRAP

Textile Waste 101 with FABSCRAP
Thursday, October 29, 2020 at 12pm
Zoom Presentation
For more info: ctuttle@massart.edu

Camille Tagle, CoFounder and COO at FABSCRAP will speak to the
MassArt community about the fashion industry’s textile waste issue,
including residential versus commercial waste, what happens in the
design process to contribute to the waste issue, as well as provide
information about headers and the supply chain.
Camille draws upon her experiences as a former fashion designer in
NYC where she often witnessed environmentally damaging practices in
the design process. She believes that sustainability must become a key
component in the education of today’s designers, and in shaping the
future of the fashion industry.
FABSCRAP is a textile reuse and recycling resource. Materials that
traditionally would have gone to landll are now being properly
recycled and made available for reuse.